Howdy, I'm Wes.

I'm a geek that likes making things with computers. Passionate about the web, I've been programming online and off for the last ten years.

Here's some stuff I've recently written:


Raspberry Pi

Last month I picked up a Raspberry Pi with a starter kit. I didn’t have an exact use-case in mind, but figured I’d find a project for it pretty quickly. It didn’t take long for one such project to come up.

Time for a new site

I love my old site. It was simple with only a bio and some contact links, and that suited me perfectly. But with how quickly the web moves, I started getting the itch to to try something new.


Steampunk Spider

Steampunk Spider is a tool I wrote for the /r/GameDeals community to make it easier to generate tables for large Steam sales. It was my first big Javascript project and my first foray into open source.