Bad Karma

I’ve been using a custom stylesheet to hide karma on reddit for the last few years. First using Stylish, then migrating to Stylus after privacy concerns were raised.

I find that hiding karma makes reddit much more enjoyable to browse. It lets me get away from the gamification and much of the “groupthink” that the site offers. I also prefer a cleaner interface where possible.

On more than one occasion though I’ve ended up losing my custom stylesheet, often due to changing computers or forgetting to back up before reformatting. Each time I’ve needed to rewrite the stylesheet, or manually sync it from another source.

I finally decided to write up a public stylescript and just sync it from Github. This allows me to keep a single canonical source, and it’s easier to share with others who might also be interested.

BadKarma is available on Github. It’s designed to work with Stylus, but can be imported manually into Stylish or FreeStyler.