Howdy, I'm Wes.

I'm a geek that likes making things with computers. Passionate about the web, I've been programming online and off for the last fifteen years.

Here's some stuff I've recently written:


  • Peppers

    I finally tried my hand at gardening this year. As a huge fan of spicy food, I was excited to try growing chili peppers.

  • Let's Play

    The original Dark Souls is without a doubt my game of the decade. Everything from its interconnected world, skillful mechanics, and ever-deepening story shows the brilliance in its design. What really keeps me coming back though is the creativity of its modding community.

  • Hacktoberfest 2019

    This year I learned about an annual event named Hacktoberfest. Hosted by Digital Ocean, it encourages programmers to contribute to various open source projects.


  • Flair Keeper

    I’ve spent my last few weekends working on a new web app. Similar to Steampunk Spider, this tool was built to aid in repetitive mod tasks. It was written for the Dark Souls network of subreddits.

  • Tildes Focus

    I’ve recently taken a liking to It’s still a small community, but it feels much more comfortable than the wild west of other social networking sites.

  • Life's Swell

    A couple days ago I had an idea for a new puzzle game. The mechanic would be based on size, where the player must grow or shrink to navigate the level. They do this by collecting various powerups, and must collect them all to complete the level.