GameDeal Hunt

GameDeal Hunt was an Easter egg hunt thought up by myself and the other /r/GameDeals mods. The idea was to create a series of puzzles for the community which let them win prizes for completion.

We had just under a week to come up with enough unique puzzles. We decided to split the puzzles into three separate branches: computer science, trivia, and math puzzles. This allowed us to include some harder puzzles without alienating anyone. If one branch was too tricky, they could try another.

I wrote the computer science and trivia branches, while a co-mod did the math branch. The puzzles weren’t prohibitively difficult, but were tricky enough to still feel satisfying to solve. I’m particularly proud of the CS branch which required some outside of the box thinking to solve.

Steam keys were offered as prizes and in total we gave away over 100 games (kindly donated by fellow mods). It was a really fun project which the community seemed to really get a kick out of.

The code is available on Github if you’d like to take a look. This includes the answers to the puzzles, as well as the backend code for distributing keys and verifying accounts.